Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Ben Chavis / American Indian Public Charter School saga continues

Ben Chavis’s crooked charter school reign is finally being exposed. A preliminary investigation into his management has found evidence of fraud and multiple violations of state laws. As a result, the Oakland Unified Office of Charter Schools is recommending a denial for the renewal of one of Chavis’s three Oakland American Indian Model charter schools. The school board is scheduled to vote tomorrow night (April 4, 2012).

Chavis has been held up as a hero by Washington Post columnist George Will and rabid charter school advocate Whitney Tilson. He's been promoted by the Los Angeles Times, John Stossel on 20/20, the Cato Institute and many others. Chavis was on a Education Nation panel called "About our Children" with Michelle Rhee and Ben Austin. Watch him raging on MSNBC here.