Monday, June 30, 2008

Because it’s interesting

Our van needed to go to the shop for a few days in 2002 so we rented a car while it was gone. In the glove compartment of the rental car I discovered a three page handwritten letter. The words were neatly printed in blue ink on white lined notebook paper. Here it is, reproduced as written.

(Page one)

Missing my Bady


Say Baby,

By the time this letter reaches you It finds you In the best of health. As for my Self honey Im doing WeLL For now. WeLL baby I heard you were IN Jail and I call to see if you Got out yet dam baby Im not use to me comeing home and my Wife Is in Jail. Dam that’s a Fucked up Felling for th bothe OF US. I know you go back to court on May 16Th I will be out and at you’R Court Date Fell me. Dam honey I realy miss you so much. I miss hearing you’re voice. I hoPe they let you out on the 16Th Fell me. What they Get you for the same old warrant’s. Baby don’t take no Felony Probation. Ask you’re lawyer For some Court Probation and Credit For time Served Fell me. Baby I been real Scared when I come home Cause I don’t want to use Drugs It’s Got to be a better life out there. That’s why we need GOD In are life

Feel me

(Page two)

Love always

Well honey I’m not going to Start Preaching because I don’t have my Shit together So who am I to Speak (Feel me) Honey I just have to Get my Shit together First. (Feel me) I was thinking about going wright Into a Program. But baby I might be In denial Still. But aLL I can do Is ask God to give me Strength not to Pick up that Shit a Put It In my arm. Or Put that PiPe UP to my mouth. Because IF I do I will be Wright back In Jail. And baby to keep It real I am very tired oF comeing to Jail. Baby what Im Saying Is take time out and think about are future and are son We can’t live like this. Because Wer’e killing are Self. Baby We deserve better because we are blessed (Feel me) I’m going to stand Stall From Now on Say honey I will come to see you IF they don’t let you come home on the 16Th and Put some money on you’re books cause I know what’s It like not to have eany money

you dig

(Page three)

But check this here honey. I wish you a happy Mother Day even though we won’t be together (FeLL me) But we will be togethe in sPrit you dig. Have you talked to Mom’s or Alvin? I know you called richmond. I hope Mom’s Is doing cool health wise. Dam I hope we can have some kid’s together. Because I want you to have my kid’s. Baby I hope you Fill the same. OH by the time you recive this letter I should be geting out monday morning on May 13. Fell me. But I like I said I will be at court. You Dig. I hope everything comes out alwright (Fell me) Dam baby how I miss you so much. I can’t wait hold you and kiss and make mad love. (Feel me) OH Baby dont Get In to trouble while your’e In there. Stay Strong In the Struggle.

Love you’re Husband

D____ H____

I wonder how their children are doing.

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