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Plagiarism in the charter school world

Merriam-Webster’s definition of PLAGIARIZE 
  • to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one's own
  • use (another's production) without crediting the source
  • to commit literary theft
  • present as new and original an idea or product derived from an existing source
Multiple connections between schools can be found by scanning web pages and documents of charter schools for likely phrasing, and then inserting the phrases into Google’s Search bar. It was this technique which uncovered how a group of supposedly-unconnected charter schools (Gulen movement-operated) repeatedly make use of text written by the other schools in their underground network, as well as that of other charter schools and private schools.*

The exercise is time consuming, but nearly always fruitful. Here are just a few other outstanding examples of copying and plagiarism in the charter school world. There are dozens and dozens more, and it is anyone’s guess as to how widespread this activity is. Do the charter schools permit their students to do the same?


1. The discovery that the Gulen movement-operated Horizon Science Academy schools (operated by the 25-school, Ohio-based Concept Schools) had copied KIPP’s famous Five Pillars was first made by C.A.S.I.L.I.P.S. However, this is not the only case where the showcase elements of KIPP's educational philosophy have been used without attribution. St. HOPE Public Schools, the three-school CMO founded by Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson (Michelle Rhee's fiancé) also has Five Pillars which are near-identical to KIPP’s. Click on the images at the very bottom to see for yourself. 

Q: In this world where business model-like competition is the whole point, don't these people copyright their intellectual material?

2. The Horizon Science Academy – Cleveland High School has been highly acclaimed, even winning a U.S. Department of Education Blue Ribbon School of Excellence Award in 2009. In addition to containing the KIPP-originated Five Essentials which were noted above, the school’s Annual Report 2008-2009 contains more phrasing which has been copied from other schools, and/or from which other charter schools have copied. For instance,

==>  A phrase in Our Guiding Principals (“belief that each child has an inherent curiosity and love of learning; and that each child has a unique intelligence, level of capability, and learning style”) is used by
==>  A phrase in Our Mission (“construct a program, which engages and motivates students to  invest  their  talents, energy, and enthusiasm  in completing  their  schoolwork  in an exemplary manner”) is also used for at least seven other Gulen charter schools
==>  A phrase in Choice in Education (“availability of  choice  is  an  important element in educational accountability and promotes higher standards throughout the system”) is used by
3. The phrase “prepare students for optimal best academic success in their future education, enable students to have a broad spectrum of options for their future endeavors, and prepare them to be effective, responsible and productive citizens” is used by
 4. The phrase "success of students is dependent upon the school’s ability to create a culture that fosters meaningful, sustained relationships between teachers, students, and parents and holds all stakeholders responsible for outcomes" is used by schools operated by the Ohio-based Concept Schools, Inc. PLUS a Gulen movement-operated school in South Africa.
  • Horizon Science Academy (multiple schools in OH)
  • Gateway Math and Science Academy (St. Louis, MO)
  • Milwaukee Math and Science Academy (WI)
  • Michigan Math and Science Academy (Hazel Park, MI)
  • Indiana Math and Science Academy - West (Indianapolis, IN)
  • Quest Charter Academy (Peoria, IL)
  • Moonlight International School (South Africa) 
5. The phrase, or near-identical variations of, “emphasis of the entire instructional program is aimed at meeting the individual needs of each student in order to allow children to develop to their fullest potential” is used by

6. A large number of schools which are Gulen movement-affiliated use a phrase which is identical or near-identical to “carry the torch of knowledge, freedom, and prosperity that has been passed from one generation to another in this great country”
Neither can schools which emphatically deny affiliations which are easily demonstrated.

Accessed 6/6/2002

Accessed 6/6/2002

Horizon Science Academy – Cleveland High School Annual Report 2008-2009

* For more, see the following pages

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Gulen is a Fraud said...

Good work!
As a whole the Gulen Movement doesn't have a creative thought or orginal thought in their head. All of their tactics have been done before, they are consistant yet persistant and stay the course even denying even when confronted with overwhelming facts and support. As if people will believe them after the 100th lie.

Keep exposing them and the money and students will shortly dry up for the Gulen Movement in America.