Monday, September 12, 2011

Monitoring the enrollment of Gulen charter schools in California

In 2002, the first school was opened in California, enrolling 188 students. In 2010, 14 schools were operating, enrolling a total of 2804 students.* California is the state with the third highest number of Gulen charter schools (behind Texas with 40 and Ohio with 17). See a list of current, attempted, and pending schools @

Important questions to be answered: 

1. How many parents of the nearly 3000 California students enrolled in these schools know anything about the Gulen Movement and/or the controversies which surround its undisclosed agenda and activities, including its steadily growing worldwide project of opening schools

2. How many of the board members who authorized these schools (Los Angeles USD, Oakland USD, San Diego Unified, Santa Clara County Office of Education, El Dorado County Office of Education, or the California State Board of Education) know anything about the Gulen Movement and/or the controversies which surround its undisclosed agenda and activities, including its steadily growing worldwide project of opening schools?

3. How many of the people just mentioned above know that these charter schools have been opened for the purpose of implementing Fethullah Gulen's vision and educational philosophy, and to advance the cause of the Gulen Movement -- including the building of an ever-growing body of Americans who are sympathetic to the movement? (See this update)

4. Is it right for public money to be used in this way when at least 99.99% of the taxpayers have no idea about any of the things mentioned above?

Read "How the schools serve the Gulen Movement."

The graphs demonstrating the enrollment at all Gulen charter schools in the U.S. will be much, much steeper. The first school was opened in 1999, and now the movement operates ~140 schools which enroll approximately 35,000 students. 

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One final question. If someone is nervous about poisonous spiders, but has no problem with non-poisonous spiders, is that person really an arachnophobe?


CarolineSF said...

Some years ago, the Gulenists (as I now know) attempted to open a charter school in my district, San Francisco Unified -- a sister school to their Oakland charter, Bay Tech. I spoke against the SF school during public comment at a Board of Ed meeting based on two concerns: The Oakland school was low-performing and segregated, based on SF standards, and we didn't need another low-performing and segregated school; and in general I felt that problem charters were draining energy and resources from our district.

However, in all this, I never heard of the Gulen movement and had no idea that this proposed school was connected with any political-religious movement; and there was no discussion of that by the Board of Ed at that meeting or any other that I heard. I think it's safe that the Board of Ed was utterly unaware of the Gulen movement and this proposed school's connection with it.

CarolineSF said...

I forgot to mention that the SF BOE voted down the Gulen charter, and the operators didn't pursue it further.

Gulen is a Fraud said...

Once again great research.
One thing that is mindblowing about the Gulen Managed Charter schools is their hunger for more more more school. Yet according to these state reports their enrollment is barely 2,800 spread out over 13 schools. Based on the $4,000 per yer for student enrollment (slightly more for ESL students) this is hardly much of an operating costs.
So that "outside" money or "special creative" financing will be very important to these California schools. They have applied for a construction grant, lets hope they are denied.
They have proven they are irresponsible with American money and have spend in excess of $7 million in Travel Expenses between the Louisana and Texas schools.

no more unions said...

Anti-charter bloggers who attack so-called gulen charter schools are not American citizens, teachers or parents, rather they are members of a terrorist group called Ergenekon whose aim to overthrow Turkish government and form a ultra-nationalist, despotic regime. They think Gulen Movement is behind the AKP government but they are wrong. American readers, be aware of this scam. Read more at

Gulen is a Fraud said...

No More Unions:

Lets say for theory that your remark is true. These "anti-charter" bloggers are not American citizens, teachers or parents but members of a terrorist group called Ergenekon"

Why would they care what is happening in the USA, their focus at the moment and since the Gezi Park / Taksim Square protests started in June 2013 has been on getting rid of the Islamic organized crime of AKP, Gulen and stabilizing Turkey.

Your far reaching delusional paranoia strikingly sounds like a Gulen brainwashed school kid from one of the Lighthouse schools. Your words scream "desperate ranting"

Lets face facts, Gulen is in trouble, the schools are under scrutiny more and more. You failed in Maine, Delaware, Tenn, Hi, Washington, Wisconsin, etc.,

Gulen was the AKP, he created it. And....the CIA Gladio B created Gulen. The only scam that Americans need to watch for is another Gulen school in their communities.

But the plan isn't going the way you want it. You are now stagnant in the USA, we stopped you before you got to your goals of 600 schools. The numbers are in more schools getting denied their applications, renewals and just plain closing losing charter status.

Go ahead turn them into private schools like the Fulton Science Academy in Georgia. See if Americans will pay $10,000 per year for tuition for a bunch of unqualified teachers with poor English skills.

You are the ones that con and scam American parents into thinking their kids are getting some sort of elite education. Like Dancing the Kolbasti is suppose to be some measure of success. This is March 2014, every week there is another drama about Gulen or one of his schools.

No amount of damage control from Hizmet's cheap and low down marketing will change things for Gulen it's downhill from here on until elections. Even Today's Zaman articles don't matter any more.

Nothing matters but truth, it's evident every member of Hizmet I have met has a loose relationship with truth. Being ashamed to admit you are part of cemaat is obvious.

One thing about Americans you will find we are forgiving when you come clean with the truth. Most are willing to look past your association with Fetos.
However you continue to lie, the webs you weave are only hurting you. Americans will not forgive liars, so either come clean and be transparent or understand the end will be very ugly for you.