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A pack of lies + some truths


Yet [the Gulen movement’s] structure, ambitions, and size remain opaque, making assessment of its impact and power difficult... Fethullahci are often loath to declare themselves openly as such.

“The Fethullah Gulen Movement.” Global Politician, 12/31/2008

The precise number of [Fethullah Gulen Community] members is difficult to estimate since some publicly deny affinity or membership with the movement.

 “Gulen Movement: Turkey’s Third Power.” Jane's Islamic Affairs Analyst, 2/1/2009

Erdogan said [Beehive Science and Technology School] is not affiliated with any religious group

... Mehmet Argin, principal of Tucson's Sonoran Science Academy, says his school's parent corporation, Daisy Education Corp., "has no legal or organic ties" with other schools...

[Ahmet Cetinkaya head of Albuquerque School of Excellence] said his school has no links to Islam or Gulen's philosophy.

Karen Fontenot at 3:38 min.: “I’m on the advisory board of the schools, the Gulen schools in Louisiana.” Fontenot is vice president of Pelican Educational Foundation (operator of the now-closed Abramson Science & Technology Charter School and Kenilworth Science and Technology Charter School).

Helen Rose Ebaugh @ 11:57 min.: “Do you know in Texas we now have 25 Gulen schools? They’re called charter schools, totally financed by the state, and it’s causing problems..."

[Knoxville Science Academy lead sponsor Suzan Mertyurek] denies any affiliation with the Gulen movement...

...Tarim laughed a little when asked about the relationship between Harmony and Gulen, which he said is nonexistent. “We get asked this question many, many times,” he said, waving off any connection. “We continue to tell people (there is no tie).”

“Harmony schools causing discord.” San Antonio Express-News (TX), 1/3/2012

The officials say the schools are not connected or associated with a broader movement.

Principal Engin Blackstone says Quest Charter Academy, in no way, has any connection with controversial Turkish imam, Fethullah Gulen...

Ali Yilmaz, executive director and principal of Wisconsin Career Academy (soon to become the private Wisconsin College Preparatory Academy) denied that the school has any connections with Islamic cleric Fethullah Gulen.

“Harmony schools have no affiliation with Fetullah Gulen or the so-called Gulen movement.”

"Harmony Public Schools Response to the New York Times." Harmony Public Schools website, posted 6/8/2012
Gulen institutions do not publicize their Gulen affiliation anywhere they operate.

“In Albania, Madrasas Even the Secular Love.” Transitions Online (CZ), 10/19/2012

“The school is not affiliated with Gulen and not bringing in students from overseas,” [Pioneer Charter School of Science Dean of Students Sanela Jonuz] said.

... Are any of the proposed charter school's [Allentown Engineering Academy] founding members affiliated with... Gulen and his Gulen Movement? Zimmerman asked. No, replied Kadir Veziroglu, lead applicant...
“School board grills charter school applicant.” The Morning Call (PA), 12/18/2012

"They claim that these charter schools are independent and have no connection to the Gulen movement, and I said to them: 'That's baloney,' " said William Martin, senior fellow in religion and public policy at Baker Institute of Rice University in Texas, where Gulen followers have set up dozens of charter schools. Martin has followed the movement for years, traveled to Turkey at their expense, and counts its leaders there as friends.

Barish Icin, Pioneer Charter School of Science executive director “... denied any connection to other Turkish-led schools in the ­United States or to Gulen.”

Dominic Slowey, a spokesman for the Massachusetts Charter Public School Association, vehemently rejected any connection with Gulen. “... there is no connection between [Pioneer Charter School of Science] and any network of charter schools...”

School officials have denied that [Truebright Science Academy Charter School] has ties to Gulen.

“Charter school's fate now up to SRC.”  Philadelphia Inquirer (PA), 5/3/2013
There are no ties of any kind to any religious movement... LISA Academy Public Schools are not affiliated with any religious group...

LISA Academy website (AR), accessed 8/14/2013

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