Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Federal investigation into the Gulen Movement’s charter schools

REVISED ON 3/9/2011

An article exposing a federal investigation into the Gulen Movement's involvement in charter schools (>30,000 students) has just been published in Il Sole 24 Ore (considered to be The Wall Street Journal of Italian newspapers): Un imam alla conquista degli Usa.

Yet still, the U.S. public remains uninformed about this whole situation because the American press has revealed very little to them.

Here are excerpts from a translation previously posted at

An imam in the conquest of the United States -
by Claudio Gatti  -  Il Sole 24 Ore (Italy)
February 20, 2011

...Il Sole 24 Ore has been able to determine that for months, the FBI, Department of Justice and Department of Education have been investigating the possible illegal use of these education funds, a criminal conspiracy, extortion, and violation of immigration laws. "The suspicion is that, behind an educational effort, there is a giant conspiracy" a federal officer, requesting anonymity, explained to our newspaper. "The plan is as simple as it is brilliant: to use public funding for schools to educate a new generation of Americans favorably inclined to Turkey and thus indirectly to the Gulen movement, and also to spend some of that money to fund foundations and cultural centers."

Federal authorities have identified at least 120 schools opened in recent years by the movement in some twenty U.S. states, all charter schools, which are outside the loop of public education but financed by states and the federal government. Since each of these schools receives from 1.5 to 3 million dollars each year in public funds, it is a matter of hundreds of millions of dollars a year...

Gulen declined to answer our questions, but when Il Sole 24 Ore asked Beksir [sic- should read Bekir] Aksoy, chairman of the spiritual center of Pennsylvania where the onetime imam lives, if the founder has any relationship with these schools, the response was an emphatic no. And the school administrators themselves have always denied any formal relationship with the movement.

But federal authorities have documents and emails that prove the link...



Anonymous said...

Learn about the latest myths about the so called Gulen Charter Schools

Gulen is a Fraud said...

Hey Anonymous are you getting worried because your precious Hizmet / Cemaat is being watched?

Keep posting your "myth" comments all over the Internet - even if you post it 100 times the facts remain. You are one of the brainwashed cult members.

Gulen Charter Schools


Anonymous said...

Gulen movement has hidden agenda. They are against the secular system in Turkey and as of today, there are more than 200 secular army personel and journalists imprisoned due to their opposition. You need to be a dump to beleive they are here stealing your tax money just to provide good schools in US? Why would a Turkish islamic fugutive ran to US, start opening schools and help US for education? just ask questions - open your eyes!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, you are so busted! Youre nothing but a bitter Turk/Kurd whose father or uncle is one of those corrupt ones that got jailed in Turkey.

Why dont you open your eyes and see the reality. Your lie infested propaganda wont stick for any longer...

So long sucker :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have news for you, in case you missed it :)

Charter Schools 101

paul williams Unholy war against Fethullah Gulen

And the best part
Sibel Edmonds and Osman Nuri Gundes - Boiling Frogs

Anonymous said...

Even though I have right-wing views concerning issues relating to Turkey, as a Turkish-American, I believe the FBI needs to further investigate the realities of the Gulen movement and not be fooled by the "mask" which the Gulen movement is trying to portray. They think they can fool people with their Interfaith Dialogues, Turkish Olympiads, and trying to build bridges with other groups in society. But in reality, they are serving as a 2nd column to transform Turkey into a 2nd Iran. Since 2002, anti-West sentiment in Turkey shot up, you see people waving Hamas, Hezbollah flags, you even see pro-Bin Laden proests in Turkey. Also, human rights, civil rights and free speech has substantially gone down the drain in Turkey thanks to the Gulen movement. People need to stop being fooled and the world, both Turkish and non-Turkish need to work on exposing the Gulen movement and how they want to spread Sharia Law around the world. Do not believe one single word the Gulen Movement states, period!