Friday, March 21, 2008

Poetry: Lady Bobcats

Our daughter was on the girls basketball team for one season when she was in middle school. The team would play on the second floor basketball court in the school's 1950’s-era gym. There we would sit on the pull-out wooden bleachers with the other parents and watch our daughters play.

by George Higgins

O, beautiful, O, graceful.
I've never seen anything like
this huddle. They have
more swagger than their mothers.
All the wet, damp winter,
on the break, the three man weave,
my daughter, sixth grader,
plays in her urban gym,
city games, the games
they play in Oakland.
Tonya, the coach,
"Be aggressive."
"Stay down."
The moon also sets in Oakland,
and the Pleiades.
And so many city people
together there on the wooden bleachers.

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